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Louisiana Queer Conference 2016

The 2016 Louisiana Queer Conference was held on April 9 in the Business Education Complex at LSU. Over 300 students, professors, activists from across Louisiana and other Southern states came together at the Crossroads of Experience. Together, attendees shared their stories, exchanged ideas, networked between community organizations, and learned about the many varied narratives that comprise the LGBTQA+ community.

This theme was chosen because although we are one community, we do not all share the same experiences or backgrounds of living as a queer person. What is the truth for one person is not the same for another. With this theme, we wanted the opportunity to discuss intersectionality and what it really means. How do sexual, gender, racial, ethnic, socioeconomical, and vearying other identities intertwine. What can we do both from a community level and from a personal standpoint to support those lived experiences? What critiques need to be made to ensure our community is a safe space for all. Here lies the purpose of LAQC - it is not to change the world in one day, but to encourage the tough discussions that need to happen in order to progress.

We were pleased to host a trio of keynote speakers. All are Youtubers who use the social platform to talk about their experiences as a queer person of colour though comedy, telling personal stories, and connecting with their fanbase. AmbersCloset started her channel to help others that may be struggling with their identity and to break stereotypes. She also volunteers at LGBTQ centers and speaks on panels concerning LGBTQ topics. F0XYHOTMESS stays true to herself, posting unapologetic and uncensored content that has gotten her attention from the likes of VH1 and The Daily Dot. Her LGBTQ mini-series, The Qut Series, keeps F0XY's style as she tackles topics many may be afraid to approach. Hartbeat is a very outspoken and ridiculous comedian who brings in viewpoints from the lesbian side of the LGBTQ community. Her comedy keeps viewers laughing, while also commenting on important topics that affect the queer community. Together, Amber, F0XY, and Hart brought a hilarious keynote speech over an hour long, discussing topics ranging from their experiences in the community to even how they started their Youtube channels, ending with a Q&A session at the end.

Following the conference was Queer Prom, with the theme of "New Orleans Bounce."

For a copy of the 2016 program, click here!

Coordinators: Michael Beyer, Tierra Moultrie, Jem Martin